Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Bedroom Toys turn into Tires

Everyone now a days is trying to do their part for the environment - Even the more Taboo!

It's no secret that we have used and abused our beautiful planet over the last hundred years to the point where it is resenting us. Thankfully, recycling has become more and more popular and it might even give our little planet a chance. Everyone is trying to do their part, and I mean "EVERYONE"!

Over the last 20 - 30 years or so, more and more businesses and corporations have been putting one foot forward in an effort to try and help conserve resources and create more ecologically friendly products. Choices in product material and chemical components makes an essential impact on how these products will be disposed of when they pass their shelf life.

RECYCLING products has become more and more popular with companies in almost every industry making an effort to try and conserve our resources. Some companies in more taboo industries have been left on the sideline, but this goes to show that EVERYONE wants to do their part!

A company based on souther California is the first to initiate a new recycling program for your most "personal bedroom products"!

Let me introduce the first program to
Recycle your Sex Toys, That's right, now even your adult peraphanelia can be recycled and reused. This concept may sound not so appealing to most, I mean' who wants to purchase an product that has been made with material that has previously been where you probably don't even want to know!

But rest assured, in coordinance with the Los Angeles Board of Health, this company has made every effort to make sure all the recycled products abide by a strict health code and are 100% safe to reuse. Most of the plastics and rubbers have been melted down to their raw stage and used where ever it is needed.

So even though the next time you get a
Recycled Vibrator you may cringe a little, Remember; you are helping the environment.

It's good to know that everyone is trying to do their part, and why not! I suggest the next time you get tired or "break" one of your old personal "friends", send it to this company, at least you'll know that your old fav will keep giving!